Individual and Couples Therapy

Flora Margolis offers in-home therapy for new parents who need individual support as they adjust to parenthood and learn to balance new life stresses. She utilizes a short term model with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, mindfulness techniques and supportive talk therapy. She will work with parents on changing negative thought patterns and learning new coping skills. 

Often times the stress of children can affect each parent as well as their relationship to each other. Flora meets with couples to work through these relationship issues. 

Therapy may focus on: 
• Pregnancy and postpartum depression
• Stress and anxiety
• Relationship changes
• Confidence building
• Balancing work and home life

Mindfulness Workshops

Mindfulness for Moms is a way to learn and practice mindfulness techniques. Mindfulness can help when you feel overwhelmed and emotions take over. It can keep you focused on the present and help create a stronger bond between you and your baby.

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