Understanding Postpartum Anxiety

"Postpartum depression (PPD) has been highlighted regularly in recent years, and to the benefit of pregnant women. Now moms-to-be are guaranteed to get an informational pamphlet and their doctors will conduct regular screenings. Unfortunately, this is not the case for postpartum anxiety (PPA). Although it's starting to get more attention, there's more work to be done to prepare expectant mothers." 

by Kimmie Fink, Romper

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Superwoman Syndrome

Kristy Ramirez describes the Superwoman Syndrome that comes with motherhood along with other issues in the language we use to discuss postpartum life.

We hear Superwoman as a name used to describe us, and those words go down like cheap candy, sweet but offering absolutely no sustenance. What all of us want, besides answers on how to heal, is someone to admit that we can’t fly. 

We don’t have to be Superwomen. We just need a language that lets us communicate our brokenness so we can truly find ways to heal.

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"Motherhood Floors Most Women"

Motherhood floors most women. So why do so many suffer in silence?

Perhaps it’s the expectation of perfection, or maybe mothers don’t want to open up to health staff. Either way, postnatal depression seems taboo.

The perfect storm of biological, physical, psychological and social changes that occur when you have a baby makes some fallout almost inevitable. 

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