"No One Ever Told Me I’d Hate My Husband"

A Description of new motherhood emotions by Jennifer Legra on Scary Mommy:  

So, now that we were both excruciatingly tired, now that I hadn’t showered or gotten dressed and felt terrible about myself, now that my emotions were on the verge of severe-risk-of-terrorist-attack red, now that baby had replaced my husband with my full attention and definitely all of my patience, now that I hadn’t left the house or seen people besides my husband (making him my only adult connection to the outside world), now that he was the only real person who knew everything I was going through (making him both my best friend and my enemy), I hated him. Because who else was I going to hate? No one else was around.


Understanding Postpartum Anxiety

"Postpartum depression (PPD) has been highlighted regularly in recent years, and to the benefit of pregnant women. Now moms-to-be are guaranteed to get an informational pamphlet and their doctors will conduct regular screenings. Unfortunately, this is not the case for postpartum anxiety (PPA). Although it's starting to get more attention, there's more work to be done to prepare expectant mothers." 

by Kimmie Fink, Romper

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